It’s a little hard to believe that anyone could take seriously Rand Paul’s comments about the media giving Bill Clinton “a pass” on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  When news of the scandal broke in January, 1998, in three days The New York Times and The Washington Post ran 106 stories about the affair.

Fourteen years later, the Clinton/Lewinksy episode is still written about and discussed.  For unknown reasons, even a crowd of Egyptians chanted “Monica, Monica” when Hillary Clinton arrived in Alexandria to open a new U.S. consulate in 2012.  But as Newpsychopolitics frequently points out, Bill Clinton remains one of the few politicians who retained his popularity after a sex scandal.

No one was fooled by Paul’s remarks about Bill—Paul was obviously aiming at Hillary and her 2016 ambitions.  But with regard to Bill, it’s pretty clear that both Hillary and the American people have moved on.

But what about Monica?  As a rule, the woman in a political sex scandal comes out the loser, as Rielle Hunter and many others can testify.  After the scandal, Monica tried her hand at being a celebrity selling handbags and acting as a TV spokesperson for Jenny Craig.  Eventually she left the country and earned an MA degree in social psychology at the London School of Economics.

Supposedly Lewinsky has signed a $12 million book deal with an undisclosed publisher.  No doubt her book’s appearance will coincide with the 2016 elections.  Although it’s hard to imagine what more there is to tell, Lewinsky is one person who hasn’t forgiven Clinton.  “He could have made it right,” Lewinsky told a reporter when Clinton’s biography My Life appeared in 2004, “but he hasn’t.  I don’t accept that he had to completely desecrate my character.”  Voters may once again have the opportunity to evaluate how they feel about Bill’s actions with the then 24-year-old intern.   According to Rand Paul, that’s something that somehow relates to Hillary’s competence to be president.

Scandal of the Century?  It’s early in the 21st century, but rumors of a scandal that would be hard to top emerged last week as some “news” sources accused President Obama and Beyoncé of having an affair.  The rumor started in France—maybe as retribution for American reporting on President Hollande’s relationship problems—but supposedly The Washington Post was going to expose the romance between two of the most watched people in America.

No comment from Jay-Z or Michelle Obama, but the Post denies it’s working on the story, and even the French papparazi who made the claims has backed off.

Photo Source:  ABC News

Robert Smither, PhD
Author of ten books on psychology, politics, and finance, Bob’s areas of expertise include leadership, organizational politics, and the psychology of political sex scandals.

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  1. I think I recall that Monica was 24 at the time of the scandal. I’ll look it up.

  2. she was born in ’73, birthday in July, scandal culminating in January before her 25th birthday. 24 years old. this is another thing Rand Paul said, that she was 20 years old at the time of the scandal. i dunno how long the affair went, but maybe it went back to 1993???? not a chance. one reason Clinton was forgiven by the public was that the congress that impeached him was heaving their stones from glass houses. it was all we could do to find a ‘clean’ Speaker of the House after Newt’s malfunctions were revealed and Larry Flynt frightened Livingstone into fessing up. had to reach down to the supremely compelling Dennis Hastert.

  3. another reason the public liked Clinton was that we’ve not had nearly zero unemployment and a rockin’ economy since his administration, and it stayed vibrant while they tried to impeach him. i think they were impeaching him while he tried to create a peace agreement btw Israel and the Palestinians. they were impeaching him while he conducted humanitarian military interventions in Kosovo where i think the American death toll was one. all during his impeachment he was polling at about 60% job approval. still Al Gore was angry at him for the scandal, which Al thought was why he, Al, lost the 2000 election. but actually he won the election! crazy times!

    • Robert Smither, PhD says:

      Clinton left office with the highest approval ratings in history. Since 1993, Hillary Clinton has made Gallup’s Most Admired Woman list 18 times.

  4. dina says:

    What did Monica Lewinsky expect to happen? Him to swoop in and save her reputation when his was of so much more significance? In this instance, I don’t feel particularly bad for her, sounds like she should have known exactly what she was walking into. Real life isn’t an episode of Scandal, expect repercussions for the stupid decisions you make, it’s not anyone else’s job to solve them for you.

    • Robert Smither, PhD says:

      Hard to believe, but from her book, Monica seems to have believed that there was a possibility Bill would leave Hillary for her.

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