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This week Louisiana voters were shocked to see a video showing married Rep. Vance McAllister in a passionate kiss with his district scheduler, Melissa Anne Hixon Peacock.  Peacock, who is also married, was a cosmetologist before she joined McAllister’s staff.  The kiss was recorded on a surveillance camera in the Congressman’s office, but it’s not yet known who gave the recording to the local newspaper.

McAllister (shown with his family above) won office in November 2013, running on a platform of conservative values and touting his devout Christianity and devotion to his wife and five children.  The kiss occurred just two days before Christmas.  In a public statement, McAllister asked for forgiveness “from God, my wife, my kids, my staff, and my constituents who elected me to serve.”

McAllister has said he won’t resign, but Peacock, who had donated $5200 to McAllister’s campaign, was fired the day after the media broke the news of the kiss.  Peacock’s husband, who also donated $5200 to the campaign, seemed overwhelmed by the news.  “I’m just freaking devastated by the whole deal, man,” he told CNN. “ I loved my wife so much.  I cannot believe this.  I cannot freaking believe it.  We’re headed for divorce.”

McAllister clearly was not thinking about the surveillance camera when he kissed Peacock.  But, based on the experiences of many other unfaithful politicians, he should have realized the danger that such risky behavior brings.  Now he’s shown voters he’s a complete hypocrite about family values.  Whatever good he might have done in office has been jeopardized by his injudicious behavior.

McAllister and Peacock also appear to have destroyed one marriage.  Mrs. McAllister hasn’t spoken yet, so voters don’t yet know if they’ve destroyed another.

But perhaps some good will come out of this unfortunate situation.  Rep. Jackie Speier of California told Politico that because of McAllister and other cases, she’s introducing legislation to require annual sexual harassment training for all members of Congress.  According to Rep. Speier, voters need assurance that the House is “not a frat house.”

Photo Source: Washington Post

Robert Smither, PhD
Author of ten books on psychology, politics, and finance, Bob’s areas of expertise include leadership, organizational politics, and the psychology of political sex scandals.


  1. i’m sure the House is a frat house.

  2. Sally Peterson says:

    A stiff “woody” has no conscience. Plus the stiff shows where his brain is. UNBELIEVABLE!

  3. Sally Peterson says:

    Guess hypocrisy is the approved style.

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